ARTS THREAD is proud to be partner with All Walks Beyond the Catwalk for Diversity NOW! 2017. For this 5th edition, the categories are Garment Design, including textile, jewellery and accessory / Illustration* / Graphic Design/Poster / Fashion Film* / Journalism / Photography*.

March 1st 2017 is the final deadline for entries for All Walks 2016 campaign to be uploaded onto ARTS THREAD – this edition it’s the top 3 entries per course/program.

See the work of last year’s finalists on ARTS THREAD and on our Pinterest Diversity Now! board and see all the winners on ARTS THREAD.



Who can Enter

Entry to Diversity NOW! is open to any student in full time or part-time education on any fashion, textiles, jewellery & accessory, graphic design, photography, journalism and illustration course. *Please note students can collaborate to create one entry.




Already got an ARTS THREAD portfolio? To enter, simply log into your account, upload your design as a new project, return to this page and select your project into the Competition box above.


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Confirm your entry by completing our Diversity NOW! Entry Form - here you will be able to add the names of any team members involved in your entry, as well as completing our Diversity NOW! questionnaire.

Entry: Free



Recognition: Winning category entries will be considered for a Diversity NOW! 2016 Campaign and showcased on and All entries will be showcased on a special page on All Walks will highlight chosen students who best portray the excitement of diversity.



Link to the complete Diversity NOW! brief

Diversity: A Vital Issue WhyNOW? WhyYOU?

NOW is the time for CREATIVES to harness their power and lead the way, by boldly visioning an expanded fashion future which steps beyond stereotypes, redefines boundaries and celebrates a wider range of beauty and body ideals in age, size, gender, race and physical ability.

A fashion future that empowers and emboldens the viewer and the wearer, envisioning impactful, emotionally considerate, commercially relevant practice in all areas of the industry. Contribute to the narrative of your generation. One where crowd funding and social media platforms are encouraging the voice of a new generation to create a fresh global perspective despite times of increasing corporatisation.

Help us build a library of fashion design, imagery and communication that celebrates difference of skin tone, age, size and body type, to encourage debate about the power of fashion on our lives and ultimately, on our well being.



This 40 minute audio PowerPoint with approx. 130 slides, was created for last years competition, and asks some stimulating questions of young creatives.You are welcome to use it again this year. However, please bear in mind that the competition dates and rules are not relevant. So we are asking all educators to stop the film short of the final minutes.

This lecture asks future creatives to consider the impact of their work on the self-esteem of today’s audience. With its subtext around unachievable body-ideals and over sexualised femininity, as well as Eurocentric thinking and lack of racial awareness, could fashion deliver a more emotionally enlightened message?

Fashion is an amazing medium and vehicle for creatives who currently work within a dynamic that appropriates inherent desire to dress up and celebrate who we are, selling it back to us on a seasonal basis with unspoken rules. 

Before we become fashion practitioners we are consumers absorbing aspirational ideals about the body that normalises the unachievable and is facilitated by the proliferation of digital fashion messaging. Has this warped our view before we start. 

How we access our own voice and instinctive artistic source 

As conscious fashion practitioners at the beginning of our practice can we ask ourselves?


  • Do we think the current proliferation of fashion imagery in service to unachievable body ideals is in any way to the detriment of the self-esteem of contemporary men and women?
  • Have we been exposed to a destabilising influence without realising.
  • If we name it does it effect how we approach our practice?
  • Beyond the Catwalk means looking at the END USER to improve our business offer. She is not an immovable bust stand or a professional model. Where does acknowledgement of the customer fit into our vision?
  • Could we also look at the power of fashion to communicate and broadcast a range of body and beauty ideals and influence self-esteem in a positive way?
  • Should fashion creatives be accountable for the messaging we create and promote?
  • What constitutes objectification?
  • What have some of the All Walks Beyond the Catwalk initiatives which promote an aspirational and realistic range of bodies achieved so far?
  • Why Dr. Ben Barry’s research is crucial.

The lecture film is being offered complimentary  this year.

Credit: Thanks to Caryn for her production of this 2015 version of the All Walks lecture film.