Educate yourself about the globalisation of beauty with this hugely important self made documentary by an inspiring filmmaker, Elena Rossini.

Globetrotting filmmaker and photographer Elena Rossini set off on a mission eight years ago to make a documentary based on the negative effects of the globalisation of beauty. Unmasking illusions surrounding image alteration and raising awareness on media literacy, The Illusionists is a deeply moving watch. Released just five days ago,  its message is increasingly important in these turbulent times and a must see.

The Illusionists is a documentary whose emphasis aligns directly with our mission statement at All Walks to tackle the unrealistic body image ideals to present a more diverse and relatable imagery.

Tackling the westernisation of the world, Rossini travels from London to Mumbai to uncover the very real effects of unrealistic beauty ideals the world over. The spreading of a very linear, Eurocentric, limited ideas of beauty to a global audience of different ethnicities, different cultures and different people is a sign of the times and hugely damaging to our psyches and our bodies. In this troubling portrayal of the whitewashing of culture, it shows how ethnicity is used as a backward barometer of successful living.

The spreading of this potent message is integral to the fulfilment of the film, available for direct purchase download or to rent and stream in four languages, Rossini hopes to engage an audience far and wide in an important discussion on the illusions of the beauty, fashion and advertising industries as a whole. Galvanising the general public by making informed choices allows the consumer and audience to consider what kind of beauty brands they support with the huge sway of purchasing power.

Rossini is calling for a #bodyimagerevolution, to which we avidly continue support the mission we started here way back when.

Watch the film here. Follow on @illusionistsfilm

Words: Elli Weir