Congratulations to each and everyone of our Shortlist Entrants.
After a tumultuous year for diversity in fashion, our initiative DiversityNOW launched in 2012 to inspire a new generation of fashion creators, has now hit it’s peak with a renewed global outreach – including entries from America, Budapest and Taiwan to name a few – and more entries than ever before.

In collaboration with Arts Thread and i-D,  having moved from strength to strength throughout the years, we have forged new ideas within the fiery furness of student rebellion.

Our shortlisted students below show the tenacity, dedication and veracious attitude of the present to change the future.

All Walks Director and Founder Debra Bourne, states, “Fashion has always had the power to reflect, prompt and catalyse social change.  We are an industry that produces experts in visual literacy. With the force of image-led culture, perhaps our biggest opportunity to pioneer new approaches in Diversity is NOW.”

DiversityNOW! 2016 presents a vast array of diversity in all manner of creative disciplines including; photography; journalism; graphic design; illustration; fashion film and garment design

The visual richness of the following entries alone show the value of diversity in fashion and the opportunities it opens for creativity. With a broader outlook, our entrants were able to capture a range of body shapes, genders,  abilities, ethnicities and ages reflecting subculture and popular culture alike as fashion is supposed to.

From here…

Our 15 finalists will be featured on i-D online from tomorrow.

This is not the end, it’s just the beginning.

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Photography & Styling


Garment Design 

Graphic Design


Fashion Film