Stella McCartney is ramping up to a fresh campaign for her brand new fragrance POP, and has been drip-feeding us her new ambassadors, and forging a new, more diverse girl gang.

From seemingly very disparate ends of pop culture but coming together for “an emerging generation of Stella girls”, they are reclaiming the colour pink and the idea of femininity in a strong positive way. Currently we have four faces and a fifteen second sneak peak video of shots of bubbles, pink smoke, and a dreamlike drive through a desert.

McCartney’s first choices for who to represent her brand was musician/writer/director/weirdo-girl-icon Grimes , who brazenly flashes us her armpit hair and tattoos in her photos. This was followed by model Kenya Kinski Jones, described by Stella as her “animal activist sister”, actress Amandla Stenberg, who is pictured with her gorgeous natural hair, and Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, although she appears under the name Lola Leon, perhaps in a brave attempt to step away from riding her mothers coat tails.

The little snippets that have been released so far are soaked in sugary pastel pink optimism, the video ends with some one saying “it’s a cool time to be alive”. POP is a celebration of young women with intelligence, with creative instinct, and above all, girls that are girly, but not weak. In the current political climate where often it feels like your gender is a battleground this is a beautiful soft reprieve into “girliness” without being patronising or belittling. So maybe it is a cool time to be alive.



Words: Rebecca Sander

Images courtesy of Stella McCartney.