All Walks Collects Another Award.


Co-founder Debra Bourne is delighted to accept the latest acknowledgement for All Walks.

This time we are named amongst The Hospital Club’s h.Club100, in association with the Guardian Culture Professionals Network. We shared the acknowledgement with 99 others after a national search for the most innovative, interesting and influential people in the British creative and media industries was launched to cover a variety of industries.


Yes we love awards who doesn’t ? But the bigger picture (once all the air kissing and thanking of everyone who helped to make it happen, dies down) allows for further visibility and confirmation that All Walks Beyond the Catwalk are Thought Leaders in a field of their own. Our Diversity NOW! projects are busy changing curriculums in fashion colleges and our campaigns create debate and commercial change. So this means you win too with our aims of less sexualisation of imagery and a broader range of body and beauty ideals being carried out by the next generation of creatives. You only have to look at our feedback from students themselves!

We thank you Hospital Club, not just for your marvellous venue and swanky do, but also for the recognition of our attitude, our aim to challenge lack of diversity in front of the camera and BEHIND it, and acknowledgement of our stylish attire at all times. Well we try!

Agile, brave and adventuresome, is how the creative crowd who attended the awards last week were described on the night and we’ll raise our glass to that.

We’ll also say huge congratulations to our blog contributor Rosalind Jana who also won a writing award for her own site Clothes, Cameras and Coffee. We work with good people!

The h.Club100 is a list compiled by national search and public vote, recognising innovation and achievement in the British Creative and Media industries in the past 12 months. From an initial long list of nominations submitted by industry experts, 29 names per category made the shortlist, along with one ‘Wildcard’ nomination submitted by members of the public to the Guardian Culture Network Site. This list of 30 names was opened to a public vote, and the 10 nominees with the highest votes in each category make the final 100, formally announced at an event on Monday 18 November at the Hospital Club, attended by many of the h.Club 100 and their fellow nominees.