Sifting through student feedback from All Walks Lectures over the holiday, Fi Anderson, a recent All Walks intern from London College of Fashion, shares her thoughts.

Despite being a fashion journalism student, editing has never been my strong point, particularly when there is always so much to be said! Picking and choosing student responses for the All Walks site has therefore been the most valuable interning experience I could ask for. It has also been the most inspiring.

“All Walks presentations are making the next generation of fashion experts reconsider their approach to design and the media.”As Meghan Booysen (South Essex College) points out, we are the future: “we should be considering all these unspoken issues within the fashion industry and working towards something better.”

“It is easy as ‘lowly interns’ to feel we must be subservient to the current body ideals in order to be accepted into the fashion industry but if we do not speak out then who will?”Jade Pole (UCLAN) agrees, “we are the next generation of designers, something needs to change and we can change it!”

Distorted body images presented by the fashion industry and promoted in the media may affect us professionally but they have also influenced us personally. Reversing the body insecurities entrenched within so many of us now is not a minor task, but it is incredibly motivating to see All Walks touches students on an individual level.

‘Empowered’, ‘confident’, ‘secure’, ‘proud’ were all buzzwords that appeared repeatedly in response to the question, ‘do you feel differently about your own body after today?’ Rachel Tsai (Liverpool John Moores University) realised that if any body shape should be accepted then so should hers. Kimberley Ward (UCLAN) learnt to be less focused on conforming to body ideals and to enjoy how she actually looks. While Ellie Kennedy (South Essex College) felt positive enough about her own body image after an All Walks talk to embrace not only her size but her ‘flaws’ as well (though I am sure they were only flaws in her eyes!) I’ve wanted to intern with All Walks since the All Walks lecture reminded me that I could be in fashion and still have my own voice: “fashion is a tool, not a rule”.

It really has been truly heartening to find that the campaign has resonated with so many other students as well. Why not have a look at what they have to say on our Student Feedback page.


Fi Anderson


Fashion Journalism student at London College of Fashion