Because body image is sooo hot right now!

But let’s get down to nitty gritty. At All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, we challenge fashion industry dependence on one body ideal via press campaigns and empowering undergraduates to change practice within their chosen field.

It’s that simple. But why do we do it? That’s more complex!

We are frequently asked to talk, lecture or exhibit, but just can’t meet the demand. It seems everyone wants to chat about body image these days. Students, professionals, educationalist, mental health experts and ordinary women, document relief and gratitude that the fashion industry is being educated by us, to stop undermining female confidence with repeat images of  bodies that promote unachievable but highly influential body ideals as ‘normal.’

We’d go so far as to say industries like music, film and TV who copy fashion dictates and use fashion culture to inform their branding, could then take direction on more diverse body ideals. Hey  you could even get to the stage where young people would experience less media-sanctioned incentives to emulate unhealthy physical ideals or engage in appearance bullying or self-harm.

Ultimately, an environment that celebrates diversity and difference, also supports young minds to explore their own individual physical and intellectual gifts without oppressive and rigid ideals around what they should aspire to and gives rise to better self-esteem and higher achievement in all areas of life.

As far as we know, we are the only providers of this far-reaching initiative. Through our campaigns, initiatives and lectures, we know young creatives experience their own bodies as acceptable, they feel happier about their appearance. They instantly recognise why we seek change for others through inclusivity and diversity. Crucially they see our work with government, parliamentarians, educators, mental health experts, appearance researchers and creatives and leave the free lectures we deliver feeling empowered to change the industry they will work in. See student comments here why don’t you!

Look we don’t want to get too heavy about it. We just want you to be able to love clothes and have fun with fashion.

Love Caryn, Debra and Erin.

Credit: First All Walks campaign image: Laura Catterall wears William Tempest sample at London Fashion Week shot by Kayt Jones for i-D Magazine.