All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG’s) are formed by MPs and Peers of any political party who have a common interest. They are not part of the Government and set their own agenda; they must also contain members from at least the three biggest political parties in the House of Commons.

This All Party Group, chaired by Caroline Nokes MP exists to raise awareness of some of the issues around body image particularly to MPs from all political parties and to policy makers. The APPG was established in May 2011 and over the course of this Parliament will work towards:

  • Bringing together interested parties, from a range of sectors including:
    • Advertising industry
    • Health and fitness sector
    • Media
    • Youth organisations
    • Fashion and beauty sector
  • Highlighting areas of best practice
  • Examining potential causes of negative body image
  • Showcasing new research on body image

All Walks has contributed to APPG initiatives by helping to provide a bridge from Parliament to the Fashion World, giving their time and energy as well as recruiting important fashion brands and individuals to support inquiry.

For more see APPG Website