“My heart breaks for the women who don’t feel “good enough” because of their size, hair color or even race…I cannot tell you how passionate I am about helping women feel that they are deserving of love” says Andie Graff, Founder and Chief Motivator of So Lucky To B Me, a  clothing label taking action to promote self worth.

Aimed at all ages and sizes, So Lucky To B Me presents a selection of comfortable t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies, and acts as a statement about life and empowerment. Messages about self-worth are emblazoned on the back of each garment to remind the wearer of their value at all times.

“I remind women of all ages and sizes just how much they matter for simply being  ’who’ they are”, asserts Graff, as she recounts one of the many stories she has been told by wearers. One woman purchased a t-shirt from her at a very low point in her life despite her low funds. She wore it again and again, and when she had eventually climbed out of her dark state, she passed the t-shirt on to a friend, who experienced the same therapeutic benefit and also passed the t-shirt on.  The t-shirt acted as a symbol of hope in a time of need and may still be being passed around as you read this!

“It is because of stories like this one that I keep going, knowing that I can make a difference in women’s lives,” she says.

Inspirational messages on the t-shirts include ‘ I have grace’, ‘I believe in me’ and Loving Understanding Caring Knowing Yourself… Is what being SOLUCKY is all about.’

Andie is partnered with the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund (in honor of actor Stephen Baldwin’s mother. He and his two daughters are now the brand ambassadors). A portion of every sale supports women fighting cancer.

For more information follow Andie @soluckytobmetee

Words by Hanna Fillingham

Hanna Fillingham is a second year Journalism student at Cardiff University.

During the summer of 2011, Hanna worked as an intern for Caryn Franklin.

Hanna has a blog here, and is on Twitter @hannafillingham