A Mega Star and a young Asian Woman hold hands to battle media and social networking assault on women. Using appearance to attack both of them, detractors have sparked an unlikely digital alliance as both stories go viral at the same time. Two incidents in the every day experience of women.


Someone with the power of Gaga can make a difference. All Walks salutes her stance. In accepting her body and it’s worth she is powerful. In bearing her vulnerabilities she is strong.

Her encouragement of others (Little Monsters or not) to accept themselves and join her in valuing health and sanity over appearance is what we ask from our super star gods. Lead the way Gaga. Read more in the Huffington here.

And without being in the limelight, Balpreet Kaur is every bit as influential. Her grace and dignity in replying to an online troll is an example to us all – and quite simply the most inspiring thing I have read in a long time. Read more . Hear her Roar.

But let’s discuss!

The bigger story is why we have a culture that facilitates random appearance based attack

Is it time for a state sanctioned intervention? Intelligent women everywhere are beginning to question where a legal system that facilitates prosecution against slander, libel and specifically appearance based attack like racism, might be of use.

How are those boundaries for appearance assault defined for instance? How much better would young women feel about their own bodies, if their role-models from Hilary Clinton to Lady Gaga remained unharmed and were allowed to go about their business without being slated for simply being in their bodies?

Emotional and spiritual assault is a daily battle for many woman and increasingly men. And when reports show that young women prefer not to put up their hand in class in case it draws attention to their appearance. The maths speak for themselves.

Let us have your thoughts.

Co Founder Caryn Franklin