All Walks Beyond the Catwalk. Investing in education. Producing visionaries. Spearheading a paradigm shift in fashion.

Because we believe that tomorrow’s big names in the fashion industry are today’s students, we are working in education to spread the message of diversity and individuality.

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Diversity NOW! 2014/2015 is now ready for students and tutors to engage with. Click here for details

Our Approach

Since June 2010 with the help of Graduate Fashion Week, All Walks Beyond the Catwalk has been working with individual educators and their colleges to broaden the curriculum in Universities and Art Colleges up and down the country.

Our goals are simple…

  • To help students understand the power they have within the fashion and image-making industries to communicate to women and men about their bodies in a positive way. See our lecture feedback here.
  • To promote the business value and creative possibilities in the promotion of individuality and diversity.

So far we have engaged with 33 different colleges and universities. 5 colleges have changed their curriculum to include Diversity as a module. Edinburgh College of Art, The Arts University College Bournemouth, Nottingham and Trent University, Ravensbourne, Portsmouth University.

Stop Press:

Diversity NOW! 2014/2015 is now ready for students to engage with. Click here for details


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