“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” – Confucius

In a culture where we’ve been conditioned to find beauty where we’re told to expect it, there is too much beauty that goes unseen; those of us who appreciate beauty in all its forms will agree that any beauty that falls outside dictated mainstream parameters should be celebrated rather than neglected. Few companies understand and champion this belief better than British cosmetics brand Illamasqua, whose message is underpinned by the ethic of beauty without limits.

For their latest campaign, “Age Before Beauty”, Illamasqua will be holding an open casting for models of all ages. Believing that age should never define an individual, Illamasqua encourages men and women of all ages to continue exploring their unique beauty:

“Why should it be the case that you hit 40 and morph into a dull, boring version of your original self? Bombarded by products to hide your age rather than celebrate your experience and vitality.”

- Joseph Corrė –Illamasqua Joint MD

“Lauren Bacall said ‘think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that’ – I agree. What makes one person unique from another is in their soul and what is projected through their eyes, their wisdom, life story, experience, individuality and presence.”

- Alex Box – Illamasqua Creative Director

Illamasqua’s products are specifically created to be tailored for self-expression, a truly fun aspect of makeup which can too easily overlooked in favour of a utilitarian approach. Julian Kynaston, Illamasqua Founder and Joint MD, says:

“From day one we said that Illamasqua could never be defined by social demographics, age or sex, but simply by a mindset. Our customers come to us to seek out permission or gain confidence to wear make-up louder and prouder.”

Illamasqua works to change attitudes, not only to make-up, but to individual beauty, and the ‘Beauty Before Age’ campaign is one in which everyone is literally invited to participate:

“If you’re someone who never lets age define you, or you know someone who fits that description Illamasqua want to encourage you to nominate your mothers, aunts, grandmothers or any strong person in your life to be part of their next campaign in a glamorous beauty shoot celebrating all ages and diversities. As well as individuals, we are looking for pairs – from mothers and daughters to nieces and aunties, to grandmothers and grandsons. The combinations are endless.”

Nominate yourself or someone else at Beauty Before Age application from 25th April 2012 and if chosen that person would need to be available to attend an open casting mid-May 2012 and be part of the shoot taking place end of May 2012.

The deadline is Monday 14th May 2012 before 11:59pm GMT

In return, all those featured in the campaign receive £500, a new Illamasqua make-up kit worth £500 and a framed photo of yourself like you’ve never looked like before!

Post by Meera Innes
Editor Charlotte Gush on Twitter @CavaCharlotte

Meera Innesworks in beauty as a Marketing Executive by day and freelance writer and editor by night. Although she works in cosmetics, she feels just as passionate about beauty in all forms and strives to work together with like-minded people to open eyes and broaden minds in a mainstream media-driven society.Meera is from all over the place with previous spells in Japan, India and Singapore, but for now she is settled in the UK. She has a somewhat neglected blog, Meera Meera On the Wall, and you can find her tweeting all things beauty and some things mundane @Meerabel