If you walk around Madrid these days, you will definitely see the new advertisement of the fashion brand Amy Gee, due to the fact that they have invested a huge amount of money on their outdoor campaign all around the city.

I didn’t know the brand before, but the image of their latest advertisement worried me. In my opinion, the model on the ad looks extremely young and unbelieveably thin. The image is strange; the model’s proportion are just unreal. I assume the intention of the photographer was to focus on the face, but the way the picture was taken makes the model’s head look in disproportion to her hips, increasing the sensation of skinny legs.

I researched the brand further on my way home and discovered that they claim to be “a brand with one goal: to praise the image of a woman.” They also claim to “interpret a woman’s spirit and confirm her identity.”
If you look on the brand’s website, or watch the ‘making of’ videos, you will see that the models don’t look as skinny as the one shown in the ad, but my concern is that they have probably chosen this image because they consider it communicates their identity as a brand.

Amy Gee claims to be focusing on a new generation of young women, but I cannot believe that it is a healthy brand message that the poster girl for the range has to be airbrushed to such an extent that her hips are as narrow as her head. Surely the already very slim, beautiful model selected is an aspirational brand representative as she is?

Post by Maria Llanos
Our voice from Spain! After graduating in Business Administration, María worked in marketing at L’oréal for almost 3 years. After this period, she decided to develop her creativity by studying an MA in Design Studies at Central Saint Martins, where she developed her thesis around the evolution of the ideal female beauty concept and got to know All Walks. Currently, María is working at a Communication agency in Madrid. Check out all of Maria Llanos’ posts for All Walks, and find her on Twitter @merillanos.


Editor Charlotte Gush, on Twitter @CavaCharlotte