So, it’s the night before London Fashion Week and the parties have already started!

TODAY, All Walks co-founder Erin O’Connor launched The Model Sanctuary 2011 to the press. And All Walks went to pay a visit and to support this brilliant sister organisation which nurtures models and students during London Fashion Week.

Whilst we were there, we were fortunate enough to bump into All Walks model Naomi Shimada relaxing in the Sanctuary where she couldn’t resist a quick snap and a catch up with us.

We are also happy to tell you that Erin is championing the All Walks cause, introducing it to all the models that attend the Sanctuary, by featuring the All Walks SNAPPED campaign images, shot by Rankin, which we exhibited earlier this year at the National Portrait Gallery. They are displayed on the walls of the Santuary’s stairways as well as in an area called The Creative Factory, which allows models to express themselves artistically through art.

IMAGE: The All Walks team using the calico

This calico sheet has travelled the country with Co-Founder Caryn Franklin on her journeys to design colleges to give seminars about All Walks and it was also displayed at the National Portrait Gallery last season (AW10) for LFW, when it also spent some time in The Model Sanctuary.

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So, as promised we will keep you updated on the journey of this calico – it is growing every time we have an event, with more messages written onto it and it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon!

Fear not! The blog will not end here. Myself and fellow Blogger Charlotte will be blogging and tweeting all over Fashion Week.

So dig out those heels and work your look, but remember confidence is the best look for every season!

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Words and all images by Michael Williamson
Michael is a designer, stylist, blogger and an integral member of the All Walks team, having been with us from the very beginning. Check out his blog, Safety-Pin Charm, to keep your finger on the pulse of all things fashion – especially london based. Follow Michael on You Tube and on Twitter @mwfrost

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