Today we met with Diane Pernet who is Co-Editor in Chief of Zoo magazine and owner of one of the most famous fashion blogs, A Shaded View on Fashion. Diane took a trip down to Erin’s Model Sanctuary to find out more about the emotionally considerate side of fashion.

Diane and I spoke about new technology and the speed that everything is updating; a speed that does not always allow for your body to cope with the pace needed to keep up.

With stress as the topic, at one of fashion creatives’ most stressful times of year, we both agreed that places like the Model Sanctury are crucial to nurturing the young minds that walk through those doors.

After a tour around the Sanctury, including a look at the Rankin portraits which are displayed in the hall as a mini-installation, Diane posed for me on our famous calico that is full of positive messages with the All Walks campaign in mind.

If only I had remembered to get her to sign the calico too! But Diane, our Blogger in black, was warm hearted, loving and very accommodating as she did an interview for another blog post for the Model Sanctuary.

As you can see below, Diane has supported All Walks since the start, championing our very first All Walks brochure the 25th anniversary London fashion week celebrations.

Black may be a classic, but nothing is more chic than diversity and love, as agreed by Diane and I.


Words and all images by Michael Williamson
Michael is a designer, stylist, blogger and an integral member of the All Walks team, having been with us from the very beginning. Check out his blog, Safety-Pin Charm, to keep your finger on the pulse of all things fashion – especially london based. Follow Michael on You Tube and on Twitter @mwfrost

Editor Charlotte Gush, on Twitter @CavaCharlotte