Body modification has recently hit the headlines, with Lady Gaga having extreme body implants in her shoulders and on her head and using the full-body tattooed Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) in her latest video for ‘Born This Way’. As Lady Gaga is such a huge phenomenon, her music video showcases alternative beauty to a huge audience. Procedures like tongue-splitting, body implants, scarification, extreme tattoos, surface weaving, elfin ears and corset piercing are just a few of the major practices, which are available to anyone brave enough!

However, body modification could in some ways be seen as a negative if a person feels that a procedure is necessary in order for them to fulfill a beauty ‘ideal’ which makes them feel that their natural body is somehow flawed. Using body modification to live up to a beauty ‘ideal’ could be compared with plastic surgery procedures to become ‘perfect’.

On the other hand, body modification can be a great way of expressing yourself through extreme procedures to showcase your individuality. Nicola Formichetti (Lady Gaga’s stylist and the latest designer to take the helm at the house of Mugler) decided to use Zombie Boy as a model in the Mugler AW11 catwalk show, showing that body modification is hitting the catwalk and mainstream fashion. Perhaps this could lead to more alternative female models being able to show their personality and individuality through body modification? Although it is unlikely to become the norm!

What will the next beauty trend for high fashion models be? Maybe it could be seeing body modification all over the catwalks! What do you think?

Post by Zina Graber
Zina is a fashion styling student from Cornwall who has a huge interest in celebrating the female form and individuality through styling. I want to be part of changing women’s negative perceptions of themselves so I have recently created a campaign that promotes global style and fashion diversity. The idea is to collect photos of individuals around the world, no matter who you are and showcase you’re style to the world. Check out “What Ya Wearing World?” and find Zina on Twitter @whatyawearingw

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Editor Charlotte Gush, on Twitter @CavaCharlotte