Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

Here at All Walks we have been loving photographer Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advanced Style for a little while now. Showcasing women who have honed their style credentials for generations, it is a wonderful resource of creativity and inspiration. The style of Cohen’s subjects is often high-maintainance but it seems effortless at the same time. As several of the fashionistas in the video point out, they don’t care what other people think of their style; they dress for themselves and to make themselves happy. Perhaps it is this confidence, and the drive to always be themselves, which makes them such style icons. In this respect, they too are icons of self-belief, wellbeing and happiness, and we can all learn something from them.

The short film, above, is by Lithuanian-born video maker Lina Plioplyte, who often shoots catwalk films for Nylon TV. This particular film, exclusive to Nowness, allows the viewer an insight into the stylish lives of the women featured on the Advanced Style blog.

Post by Charlotte Gush
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