It is quite rare to see a music star who appears as authentic as Adele does; both her voice and look are powerful and distinctive. Only 22 years old, she has proved that it is possible to be confident and successful at an early age.

Although some may think that Adele does not fit current beauty standards, due to her size, she has an inspiring attitude and embraces her beauty, personality and life in a positive way.? Adele has declared that she gets inspiration from love which makes her feel passionate for things in life: herself, food, wine, music, culture, literature, etc.

Adele has always viewed herself as a talented musician and she believes singing is the best thing she could do. The fact that she is so confident about herself and focuses her energy on improving her art, not changing her physical appearance, is what makes her such an interesting role model to other women, especially in terms of her self-esteem and success.

Adele’s talent has been recognized by the music industry and the general public. After releasing two albums, selling two million copies and winning two Grammys amongst other awards, we can say that she has started a very promising career. In Spain, Adele sold out her two concerts and received positive reviews.

Post by María Llanos
Our voice from Spain! After graduating in Business Administration, María worked in marketing at L’oréal for almost 3 years. After this period, she decided to develop her creativity by studying an MA in Design Studies at Central Saint Martins, where she developed her thesis around the evolution of the ideal female beauty concept and got to know All Walks. Currently, María is working at a Communication agency in Madrid. Check out all her posts here, and on Twitter @merillanos.

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