Its time for the Size issue again,

once a year this issue comes out in Vogue US this time with front cover girl Rhianna,

looking slightly more femme fatale and less Hard as Nails as her usual Look.

What made us here at All Walks want to take a glance  at the magazine as well,

was the captivating headlines from foods that treat depression and all about eating healthy,

Too articles that deal with dressing for your size whatever your shape.

Above people today where Talking on twitter this morning about the issue,

and asking the question has Anna Wintour succumb finally to using different sizes and showing some natural curves as in above image of Rhianna.

and below Co Founder Debra Bourne’s responce on Twitter:

So from Twitter talking about Anna Wintour, to All Walks Talks about the sensuality of Rihanna

one thing I wish this wasn’t a one of issue but Fashion Magazines showed this way of displaying clothes and living throughout the year.

what is your views as Always we love to know so get involved on the debate and tell us what you think…

Photographer of US Vogue Rhianna Pictures for the Size issue was Annie Liebovitz

and some of the clothes where Chloe, Dkny and Herve Leger.

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