Inspiring women: The W Project curators Loren Platt and Teo Connor with one of the works on show

The W Project celebrates women working across the creative industries, aiming to promote empowering role-models and help build a better creative community for the future. Check out their webpage by clicking HERE.

All Walks fully support The W Project and their goals, so we were delighted to attend both the opening night of their exhibition – showcasing the work of female artists – and ‘The Sit Down Affair’ closing dinner, where Caryn and Debra gave a presentation on All Walks Beyond the Catwalk and we were also treated to a screening of a series of short films and a Q&A by Fred Butler and her team.

Many of the exhibiting female artists were given the theme “A women’s work is…” as the subject to create their art piece on. This theme produced a wide array of moving responses, including the following:

Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime with her artwork ‘Putty & Sand’ – plywood and pen

Safia El-Dabi with her work ‘Fruity Bits’

Jiggery Pokery, aka Anna Lomax and Lauren Davies, ‘Infinite Possibilities’

Anna Garforth, ‘The Big Bang’

Fred Butler, a retrospective of works.

After having seen this mini Fred Butler retrospective, it really was a treat to be introduced to her team and to hear them discuss how they work as an all-female unit. Fred’s film collaborations are breathtakingly beautiful, so please head over to film-maker Elisha Smith-Leverock’s website HERE to watch them.

Huge thanks to Larry for these pictures of Debra and Caryn presenting at The W Project’s closing event – a very special edition of The Sit Down Affair, with food by artist Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime and the lovely Katia:

All Walks’ Caryn Franklin and Debra Bourne with Loren Platt at The W Project

Debra Bourne and Caryn Franklin presenting at The W Project closing event

Caryn Franklin and Debra Bourne presenting at The W Project closing event

Caryn Franklin (far left, blue top), Fred Butler’s back! (centre, blond hair) at The W Project closing event.

Post and launch night images by Charlotte Gush, on Twitter @CavaCharlotte
Images of the closing dinner and presentations by Larry