The Spanish fashion brand Hoss Intropia has chosen Helena Christensen as their new image for the 2011 S/S collection. The interesting part is that Helena is not collaborating as a model but as the photographer of the catalogue.

This action is completely coherent with brand’s communication strategy, which is based on selecting Intropia women who are not just models but have artistic interests and an interior world they express through fashion.

Hoss Intropia has always selected real women who stand out in their professional activities for their communication campaigns such as Tamara Rojo (prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet in London) Naomie Harris (actress and musician) or Carmen Kass (model, entrepreneur and chess player) amongst others.

I believe that Hoss Intropia has a particular and interesting vision of fashion as a mixture of color, quality and eclecticism which enable women to express their personalities and interests.

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Post by MARIA LLANOS Reporting on Diversity from Spain