Spanish Vogue has developed a fashion shoot which celebrates six different body types. Under the slogan ‘Anatomy lesson’, Vogue tries to prove that different female figures can be equally beautiful.

Spanish famous faces have been chosen to portray the following six body types in the March issue: thin, curvaceous, athletic, petite, pregnant and tall.

This is the second time that Spanish Vogue develops this initiative – they did it under the slogan ‘We are all beautiful’ in 2010 March issue using the exact same body types.

Although the initiative is a nice attempt of celebrating diversity, some pictures are too similar and it would have been interesting if they had explored a wider range of body types.

Below:  Patricia Pérez – Curvaceous

Raquel del Rosario – petite:

Mar Flores – pregnant

Right: Leticia Dolera – Thin

Below: Juncal Rivero – tall

Below:Carlota Castrejana – athletic

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