Alex Nobel, was one to watch today…

with the Presentation held in The Crypt in St Martins Lane, The Designers Choice of Location worked well with the clothes playing Homage to the Macabre.

The Styling Inspiration was not just on the clothes but in fact the Crypt to!

with An emphasis on the Human body but in a more atomically way you can see the designer was influenced down  heavily on the Body even down to the embellishment on the clothes.

What really got All Walks going though was this has been the only show/Presentation we have been to this season that has stepped away from the Caucasian Girl and moved on to an Ethnic Models only in the show.

This Presentation was Also filmed by MTV as Lady Gaga is a wearer of Nobel’s work. and Rumour has it in the studio that Nobel has just dressed GaGa for the Next video.

Here at All Walks we could see that collaboration happening very easily !


Nobel for such an intresting Presentation

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