One of the one of the most provocative and ground-breaking fashion photographers of the twentieth century, could be explored in Madrid in a retrospective exhibition called ?A message for you?.

Bourdin created unique images that contained fascinating stories, compositions, and colors. The late 1970s, recognized as the highest note in his career, is the focal point of this exhibition.

Bourdin broke conventions in fashion photography using surreal environments, strange compositions and building stories inside stories.

His most famous works are the advertising campaigns of French fashion house Charles Jourdin and Pentax calendars for which he created hypnotic, surreal and mysterious fashion shoots.

With the model Nicole Meyer as his muse, Bourdin built his own aesthetics code using fashion photography as his way of expression and leaving the audience with a mixture of fascination and intrigue.

The exhibition contains 75 pictures and two videos that compile Bourdin most recognizable images.

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