A new initiative called “Motivos para dar la talla” has been created in Catalonia – Spain – with the purpose of reducing the big difference between real sizes and the sizes used in fashion catwalks.

Around 50 people from the cultural and social sectors of Catalonia have showed their support to the Facebook page of this initiative (Motius per donar la talla).

This initiative has been developed as a result of the expulsion of the Catalonian designer Elena Miró – plus-size women’s fashion brand – from the Milan Fashion Week last September.

Elena Miró, who dresses women above European size 44, has been present in the Milan Fashion Week since 2005.

The initiative tries to start the consumers’ debate about how fashion images can damage the society and how fashion standards should be closer to reality.

post by: MARIA LLANOS reporting for Body Diversity from Spain for All Walks Beyond the Catwalk