For Regular Readers you may remember when we posted about Rhianna wearing William tempest on X-FACTOR and showed a Link to the video,

If not and you do want to go back to that Post here is the link: HERE

well there is MORE to the story as we found out yesterday when All Walks was interviewing

one of our models we used for SNAPPED RANKIN shoot Naomi Shimada with Co-Founder Caryn Franklin.

Naomi also featured in the video with the dancers instigated the food fight here at All Walks we just loved this:

other parts yesterday was beeing tweeted LIVE as she was talking to Caryn Franklin,

to discuss  her life as a model which can be found on our twitter page: CLICK HERE


you may see from our screen grab but we are on FB too! just join our fan page on links on web.

but untill next time we leave you with the sweet sounds of Rhianna looking at William tempest dress and Naomi instigating some devilishly delightful fun

The Full story from Naomi of her life as a Model will be able to be herd exclusively at National Portrait Gallery in Febuary 2011

stay tuned  for more info


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