News flash!

since the last Fashion week post we may have seemed a bit silent here at All Walks, But we already working on the next project and coming soon on the blog, Claire Miline who has assisted on recent Blogs will now have her own view point on here reporting on fashion from scotland and what people are talking about GREAT we cant wait!!!

also with more contributors means more posts for you guys as well as your news stories
but for  todays friday Blog we decided to keep it light and send you two thinks to make you smile as you have your coffee break today thinking of the weekend to come.

who says fashion cant be funny?

With our Last Project working with Rankin, Check out the latest we found of Stylist from shoot Scott Clark, Photographer Rankin and Co Founder of All Walks/ Model Erin O’Connor

this one is Guarantied to put a smile on your face we all did at team All Walks

All Hail McQueen

At All Walks we love Fashion and have seen on the latest video, showing the work of the new collection of the ate Great Alexander McQueen. Where Sarah Burton has showed a softer more wearable verson of McQueen still celebrating what the brand is know for but has went to a more romantic and less tortured side. see below:,9915/

this is a Short Blog for today. But more will come throughout the week and you can always rely on the Fridays Chat.

signing out for now