(image above taken from i-D Shoot with Kayt Jones for the launch of All walks beyond the catwalk last year)

Internationally renowned photographer, Rankin  Supports All walks Beyond the Catwalk  who will celebrate the beauty of diversity at this London Fashion Week.

Co-founders Debra Bourne, Caryn Franklin and Erin O’Connor, have worked tirelessly on the campaign since launch in September 09, which is remembered for the introduction of curvy model Hayley Morley to designer Mark Fast. Now in its third season with part funding by Marks and Spencer and the LDA. To see how we are collaborating with Rankin  more will be revealed soon.

We love fashion in all shapes and sizes. Like the multitude of silhouettes and garments our industry both produces and promotes, beauty is also individual. It’s not restricted by race shape age or size.”

Co-founders Debra Bourne, Caryn Franklin and Erin O’Connor

Model story:

Kate moss being turned down for being a model, the answer to why last seasons manorexic models where so tiny, as they used Teenager’s! and the art of Rootstein mannequin’s and the work that goes into them…

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Erin has a chat with Grazia:

Find out more what Co founder has been up to, As she chats with Grazia with one week to go till Fashon Week.