What happend to Fridays Chat?

The Friday’s Blog went missing yesterday which was the kick off to London Fashion Week,and has got us at all walks thinking of our summer shopping next year.However with the run up to todays event full head on in production what we lacked in yesterdays blog we have made up for in live tweets throughout the day of fashion week.

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All Walks & Rankin new campaign ‘SNAPPED’

which was  held at Somerset House this morning,

The event involved 9 influential designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Giles Deacon showing us a glimpse of their new spring/summer designs. In keeping with the All Walks ethos of diversity was a range of models differentiated by age, shape and ethnicity, who will showcase the designer’s work on the runway. The event will be captured by internationally renowned photographer Rankin.  All our hard work and determination has been put into the new campaign and we are all excited to see the end result.

All Walks would like to say a huge Good Luck to all related designers during Fashion Week.

(Picture above taken by one of our stylist’s on blackberry today)

All Walks takes a walk to the Model Sanctuary

Erin O ‘Connor among working on all walks beyond the catwalk has been supporting young designers from London College of Fashion as well as being a mentor and supporter of models of different shape and ethnicity. The project is run by Erin O’ Connor and it is all about looking after the inner being. This is not only for women but it is also for men where even in the goody bags the men were catered for with male skin products as well as assortment of herbal tea.

With one whole floor dedicated to the mind, there are onsite councillors that are there for support during the most stressful time being LONDON FASHION WEEK. There is a lovely feature light insulation which resembles a paper dolls house which radiates a calming influence and there is also a lounge area where visitors can relax and chill out.

Moving on in the reading room people can sit and chat which makes it a home from home. Some models may even be from another country making this a perfect haven for them to meet other like minded people. There is also an area for eating where organic food is offered throughout the day. There is an area that is dedicated to makeup which allows fashion students to practice their craft with the models which allows them to play around with makeup. There is a photo booth which allows models to take photos of their makeup experiments and print pictures for fun and allows the to take away a piece of memorabilia.

Moving on to another room where a trained osteopath and masseuse provide a calming influence as well as nutriencist .‘As alot of these models are very young and have just moved away from home or maybe travelling and may be in need of the knowledge of where to go to eat or how to cook different foods’ Erin O’ Connor. There is also a gym where a personal trainer can provide fitness knowledge and advice . Each floor is beautifully decorated with illustrations and art work designs from London College of Fashion students . Also from body confident campaign Liberal Democrats spokeswoman for women and equality Jo Swinson made a appearance showing her support.

Overall  creating a very balanced environment with creative energy, good food, nurturing the body and lots of love.

Co founder Erin O Connor didn’t forget about all walks amongst all her efforts with model sanctuary. She dedicated a space of reception towards the all walks campaign.

As well as talking to Jo Swinson about both projects how lovely is to see that model sanctuary, campaign for body confidence and All Walks working together.

M.W reporting from model sanctuary and interviewing Erin O Connor, text By Claire Milne.

All Walks trecks backstage:

In the mids of all the commotion of LFW,

All Walks would like to show the students and other people who may not get to see the shows some back stage footage:

with one of our Production Team having to run backstage of the Osman show, to collect One Dress and One pair of shoes that where still hot from the model on the catwalk few minutes before hand we managed to take some pics to show you what it was like while packing up after the show.

(Osman interviewed straight after show by press)

Day 2 of fashion week report above:

Day 3 and 4  was followed on Tweets Live yesterday  some backstage images to come soon…

Signing off but still tweeting

M.W & Claire Miline