The Friday Chat…

A very busy week for Team All Walks,with our fingers in many pies so to speak. Today I bring you our weekly feature of our Friday Chat… ‘All Walks- All Talks’ . If you have been following us on Twitter you may already have seen our announcement , that we have been doing model castings  that Co – Founders Caryn Franklin, Debra Bourne & Erin O’Connor have all been working on manically with their busy schedules. So now its official readers we have been doing a casting — but unfortunately cannot  say what for? However watch this space, As any News will be announced on our Page for all our supporters.

Today you can find a good piece written by intern for the section Coffee Break read and  my recommendations of what to do for the weekend? Also links to Erin’s New Features this week.

Report By M.W

Why is Erin seeing Red

Co Founder of ‘All Walks Beyond the Catwalk’ Erin O’Connor  features front cover of this months Red Magazine (available in shops this month).

Mentioning her Projects and daily life including incorporating ‘All Walks’ within her busy schedule.

Also Erin can be found this week in the independent: My Life in Ten Questions…

Click the link above for full story.

What to do for the weekend?

For you fashion lovers out there, here is one that looks like a Weekend treat:


A definite must read today, turn to page 84 in the new Elle collections magazine. There is a really interesting article written by Germaine Greer regarding the fashion industry not catering for the older women. What I really like about this article is that Greer makes a really interesting point that the older generation of women, are the demographic that can actually afford to buy luxury clothing and nothing is being made to accommodate their needs.
Review and Recommendation by :
Claire Milne
2nd Year Fashion Management,
Aberdeen Business School,
Robert Gordon university
& ‘All Walks Beyond the Catwalk’-Intern