London Fashion Week: Feb 2010

Does current fashion imagery reflect individuality?


Every Body Counts is launched from HQ at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, to canvas opinion from all who attend this high-energy week. The All Walks team, headed up by photographers Alice Hale and Matt Rittson, set up a live photo booth over the week, Feb 19th – 23rd 2010, to capture portraits of diverse and individual personalities.

One hundred and sixty people were photographed and opinions sought. The resultant images, formed a living exhibition that built each day to the delight and amusement of attendees waiting in line for the next catwalk show to begin. None of the above possible without our fantastic production team. Michael Williamson, Samantha Kay Oliver, James Tomlinson, Laura Craig and Matt Craig.

As you can see we captured lots of characters – and the live casting resulted in our message to the industry…EVERY BODY COUNTS. It’s a message that had real resonance in our student lectures…when we invited students to give us their feedback. Just like bodies…opinions count too.

Big thanks to M&S and Vauxhall Fashion Scout



Houses of Parliament, Westminster, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House:  MARCH 8TH 2010

On International Women’s Day 2010 All Walks Beyond the Catwalk join forces with leading experts for a debate at Parliament. Academics, politicians and members of the media and fashion industries debated the way forward to combat body image pressure on women and girls imposed by idealised images in the modern media.
Susie Orbach
Author of Fat is a Feminist Issue and Bodies: Big Ideas and convenor of AnyBody campaign
Dr. Helga Dittmar
Author of Consumer culture, identity, and well-being: The search for the ‘good life’ and ‘body perfect’
Caryn Franklin
TV presenter and co-founder of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk campaign
Laurie Penny
Feminist blogger and freelance journalist